Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Web SIte

Aidan just informed me that he was "getting the web site ready" this morning when he was messing around with the computer and mouse. He also had his first "lesson" in using Kid Pix. He just turned 3.

Doe and Fawn

Saw a doe and fawn in the middle, grassy divider of our local highway. The fawn was very small. I hate to see deer and other animals in the middle of a highway, especially a fawn. Did not see any road kill on the way home so I hope they made it off I-91 safely. I understand that Europe does much more than we do with animal tunnels and bridges to help movement around highways. Especially with Jersey barriers, we have caused a lot of problems with genetic diversity because animals cannot travel to breed causing a lack of genetic variation in some areas.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Analogy and Perspective

Aidan turned 3 yesterday and I have noticed two forms of astract thinking developing. One is for analogy. One example was heard today while he was eating blueberries. He said that the blueberries with visble. long stems were like lollipops. Note that he DID NOT LIKE the stems. The second was with perspective drawings. While formerly he would ask me why the train tracks just stopped, I noticed recently that he is saying the are very far away.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I was very impressed with Aidan's social skills at a bluegrass festival this weekend. First, he liked to say, "What's your name?" or just "Hi" to everyone walking by he found interesting. Second, he made tons of friends and seems to have developed strategies for starting play. The one we saw the most is when he comes up to a new kid and holds out one of his toys. We saw some other kids having a real hard time sharing and it was a big contrast. Not that he doesn't have his moments too. There were some midgets there too (not sure it that is the correct word anymore.) Aidan just commented that there were some little people and asked why and that was the end of it.

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