Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dealing with Difficult People

Something I have been struggling with. When dealing with difficult people, when do you be nice and deferential, which sometimes works? When do you come on strong? How strong can you be without crossing the line into personal attack?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Aidan Saying

My eyes are cold. I need my glasses.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Things About Me

1) I used to be President of the Greater Boston Track Club.
2) I hold 2 software patents.
3) I have spent many years tracking bears and other mammals.
4) I once lived in Costa Rica for a month.
5) I am obsessive about things being put away in their places.
6) I have been programming computers since 1976.
7) I know the names of all 4 Teletubbies.
8) I am half Irish and half Italian.
9) I am a very good test taker.
10) I want to see Ireland some day.
11) I want to canoe the Boundary Waters someday.
12) I want to live for a long time.
13) I got my first dog when I was 44.
14) I used to think I was a cat person.
15) I went fishing for bass a lot when I was a kid.
16) I plow my own driveway and road.
17) I used to listen to a lot of punk and new wave in college.
18) I love classical music especially Bach, Mozart, and Italian opera.
19) I play the Packrat (aka Crackrat) game obessively on Facebook.
20) When I was a kid, I used to run around the house and try and beat the electric meter reading.
21) I practiced Zen for many years but I had a vision during a meditation retreat to start practicing Native American religions.
22) I love owls and see and hear them all the time.
23) I voice told me to quick drinking when I was 25 or I would die and I did.
24) I tend to know a lot of people from doing things.
25) I tend to really get into things and then turn to something else but come back again. Some of these things are computers, juggling, guitar, singing, tracking, skiing, snowshoeing. I want to teach my sons these things as he grows up.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Toddler Expresion

Daddy, I want some oranges juice.