Friday, March 27, 2009

Structure vs 2 Year Old

I tend to be very structured, organized, and love lists and checking off things on my list. This is very different from how 2 year old operate. They want to have fun, to do whatever interests them at the time, and repeat their favorite things over and over again. They seem to care little for the things on my lists like cleaning, shopping, and getting stuff done! Sometimes, you can have both. Yesterday, I had Aidan out in the yard and I started moving some wood around from the ice storm and I had him throw some wood down the hill too. That can happen sometimes but I need to try and let go of my to dos during play time.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


We have possible layoffs next year at my elementary school. I am facing a possibility of a layoff or reduction in hours. While I had hoped the nice little job I have could be a good way to finish out my teaching career, I have to face the fact that that may not happen. There is a lot of drama right now about the budget. I have done all I can go at this point to make it clear what eliminating technology at our school would do so I trying to let go of the drama and accept what happens at this point. I am tuning up my various resumes (I have one for tech teacher, one for classroom teacher, and one for software engineer) and setting up and checking different job sites. It is hard but it does feel much better to detach from the drama and stress and to accept some uncertainty and the possibility of change. I am not always sure I beleive the old adage that what was meant to happen will happen but it does feel like perhaps it may be time for a change, if that's the way it works out. I do tend to get bored after 5-7 years in one job.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Something I am realizing in my bones after 50 years on this earth walk.

I typically react based on what is right and wrong, what is logical. I tend to be lawyer like and want to argue a case if something is bothering me. Nothing wrong with that. I have learned to do it well and to generally do it in a respectful way and do try to propose win-win solutions.

But I do not always consider the timing and other person's emotional state. Sometimes you have to find the right time even if you are very much in your moment. Also, you have to think about what the other person is about and their emotional state and what motivates them. I am also finding that I need to think about the best way to "win" and not just about what I think is right. Sometimes that will mean coming on strong, sometimes being deferential, etc. So you have to read the situation accuratly before reacting.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have been a bit worried about my job next year. The ways things look, there will be lots of teacher layoffs next year in our area and perhaps everywhere. Seems like not the best thing as we really need to be more competitive as a country. While Obama provided money for schools, we are not sure how much will reach us. Right now, the state is level funding education next year. However, they are reducing aid to towns. So towns, with excise taxes down, property taxes down, and state aid town are reducing their funds for education. So while the Governer Patrick and President Obama talk about no layoffs for teachers, the reality seems to be different. Time to write some letters!