Saturday, February 27, 2010

Self Sufficiency

I feel really good fixing things myself recently.  I installed a dishwasher, installed 2 hard drives including 1 on a laptop (tricky), replaced a car battery, and have been working on our plow truck.  Even though I was not able to completely fix the truck, I did identify one problem.  It is very satisfying to feel self sufficient this way though it is helpful to have a community of people to whom you can ask questions or get help.  The Internet is a new source of community and information that can also be helpful.  It does take longer to do it yourself, especially the first time, and it can be frustrated, but it is satisfying for me to learn new things.  It reminds me of some of the guys in the neighborhood where I grew up who would always be fixing their own cars and doing their own remodeling.  My father is also good at cabinetry and woodworking.  It does take time and energy though and that can be tricky with  a young child. Hopefully, when he is older, it will be easier to find ways he can help.  

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