Friday, March 6, 2009


Something I am realizing in my bones after 50 years on this earth walk.

I typically react based on what is right and wrong, what is logical. I tend to be lawyer like and want to argue a case if something is bothering me. Nothing wrong with that. I have learned to do it well and to generally do it in a respectful way and do try to propose win-win solutions.

But I do not always consider the timing and other person's emotional state. Sometimes you have to find the right time even if you are very much in your moment. Also, you have to think about what the other person is about and their emotional state and what motivates them. I am also finding that I need to think about the best way to "win" and not just about what I think is right. Sometimes that will mean coming on strong, sometimes being deferential, etc. So you have to read the situation accuratly before reacting.

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